Hypersay for Events

Our 180K users enjoy Hypersay for very different reasons, based on their professions. Below you can find several use cases.


No, they want to hear you because you listen

Imagine if TED listened?

One way dialogues are soooo yesterday. The capacity to listen to your audience empowers you as a speaker to control your message and enhance your reputation. The functionality within Hypersay allows you to unleash your audiences' voice and get them speaking about you and your content. Do not lecture them. Listen to them and they will love you.

Do you share?

If you speak at events and conferences you inherently know that your audience has come to ‘look, listen and learn’. But do you share?

Audiences are frequently frustrated by the absence, or late sharing, of slide presentations they attended at paid for events and conferences. Hypersay allows you to easily share your slides with your audience, build your reputation with them and ensure your content is consumed. Our full suite of interactive functionality allows speakers to engage with their audiences before, during and after the presentation.