Tips & Tricks

On account security

All the major websites on the Internet that use standard password-based security have been hacked. Hackers are looking for sensitive data such as emails, passwords and credit card data. This is why we have built Hypersay in such a way that we do not store any password or credit card data.

Instead of passwords we use either Single Sign On (from Facebook, Google or LinkedIn) or a security measure called One Time Password. OTP is, in fact, a temporary unique code which we communicate with you over your email. If you indeed own the email address provided and you have access to your inbox, you will also find the code we have sent. Next time you want to authenticate your account, we send another unique code.

As far as credit card data is concerned, we are using a highly secure service called Stripe that manages all transactions and credit card operations. Everything is done on and through their own secure servers. Hypersay does not store any information regarding your credit card or payments.

Overall, all Hypersay data (presentations, slides, participant's data, etc.) is securely stored using primarily AWS (Amazon Web Services) but partially also Google Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure.

On supporting animations and videos in slides

If you have videos already embedded within your slide presentation, you will need to insert those video links directly into Hypersay inside the Prepare function.

Hypersay does NOT currently support animations. If you have animations inside your original slide presentation, they will not be transferred into Hypersay during the conversion process. Nor is there currently any possibility to add animations in the Prepare mode.

On replacing or editing slides

You cannot directly edit any slides inside Hypersay. You can move the positions of the slides and you can delete any slides while you are in the Prepare page.

If you need to edit an individual slide, you will need to go back to the original file (PowerPoint, Google Slides or PDF) and make the edit. Then you can take a screenshot of the new slide and import the screenshot into Hypersay through the Prepare page. Do not forget to delete the slide with the error.

add a corrected slide in Hypersay

Adding interactions: between or below slides?

We highly recommend placing your interactions (polls, quiz, question, video, etc) as separate slides rather than underneath slides. Why?

  1. It is a cleaner and more professional experience
  2. Scrolling down on a mobile phones is cumbersome
  3. You can use a clicker to move your slides
Adding interactivity

Using animated GIFs

Hypersay allows you to insert GIF’s into your sessions. You can insert a GIF in the same way you insert an image, using the Interactive Image button in the Prepare Page.

Adding animated GIFs

Re-arrange slides

You can easily rearrange the order of your slides while inside the Prepare page. Just drag and drop your slides into position. See GIF below.

Re arrange slides

Credits or subscriptions

A single credit can be purchased for $3.99 when you plan to make a presentation where there will be more than 10 participants.

If you plan to use Hypersay more than 4 times in one month where there are more than 10 participants, it is worth purchasing a monthly subscription for $14.99. You can cancel the monthly subscription whenever you wish without any penalties.

We offer an annual subscription for $119.88 which is equivalent to $9.99 per month.

👉Check pricing page here

Getting participants to join

To encourage Participants to join your Hypersay session display the Welcome Screen and frequently expand the QR code into Full Screen so Participants can join using the camera’s on their phones. They will enjoy saying ‘Hi’ to you while waiting for other Participants to join the session.

expand qr code
welcome page
participants number

You can monitor the number of Participants who have joined your session by looking at the number in the top right hand corner of the Welcome Screen.

Use a clicker

Hypersay works very well with a Clicker. Ensure your Clicker has enough batteries and the bluetooth connection is established between the computer and the Clicker. You can easily move Hypersay slides forwards and backwards using a Clicker.

The two limitations to using a Clicker are that you cannot Freeze or Show Answers and you cannot scroll down a page. For both of these, you will need to go back to the computer touchpad.

a clicker

Collect and manage questions

The Question Wall inside Hypersay is a very powerful tool to be used during your presentation. Participants can ask questions and vote for questions they like. When a question is asked, a silver dot will appear above the Question icon in the Live Session.

silver dot for questions

Most ‘liked’ questions will appear on top. If you wish, you can delete questions after you have answered them, but then the questions will not appear in the Reports section.

Where's my feedback?

After you close the Hypersay session, participants can give you feedback about your session. They will see the final slide below which asks for a star rating and any comments about your session.

This feedback is shared with you in the Reports Section as long as 3 or more participants have provided you feedback.

give feedback

What is the digital pulse?

Inside the Reports Section, Hypersay has developed a graphical representation of a ‘Digital Pulse’. For each Participant, Hypersay records:

  • The time inside the presentation
  • The number of questions/quizzes/polls answered
  • The number of questions asked using the question wall
  • The number of notes taken
digital pulse sample

Each parameter is ranked versus the participant with highest number during the session. Then each parameter is summed together to give a cumulative score which we call a ‘Digital Pulse’.

For example, a participant X who never left a 10 minute long Hypersay session would be given a score of 1. If participant Y only stayed for cumulative 5 minutes inside the same session, they would be given a .50. If participant X answered 6 of the 6 polls, they would be given a 1. If participant Y only answered 2 polls, they would be given a .33.

The Digital Pulse is an aggregate sum of all the 4 factors measured during a presentation. Hence the highest score available is 4, the lowest is zero.

Digital Pulse is not a measure of participant engagement as everyone possess different methods of learning. However, the aggregate picture allows the Presenter to understand the level of engagement during the session.

How to find a specific participant's contribution

Hypersay provides a downloadable CSV file for all responses to any question, quiz or poll inside the presentation.

In the Session Analytics, the ‘Show Activity’ button highlights the answers given by each participant.

Furthermore, inside the Answers section, the ‘See Details’ button also highlights the specific answers given by each participant and all the answers for an individual question.

Reusing a Hypersay presentation

If you want to use the same presentation multiple times and erase all the answers from the previous session, just hit Duplicate inside the dashboard.

duplicate presentation

View upcoming slides

If you want to quickly navigate to a remote slide, use the sidebar that show you thumbnails of all of your slides.

slides in sidebar

Adding / Modifying interactions while live

When you are live you can still modify the existing interactions or add new ones.

add / modify interactions while live

Freezing questions

By default a participant can keep changing their answers to your polls / quizzes or open questions. If you need to prevent this from happening, you can use the "freeze question" button.

Freeze questions