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We support both manual and automatic captioning for live events. Manual captioning is the most accurate method to date for live streaming captioning. Up to 99% accuracy. Recommended for keynotes, specialised events, sensitive information. You can also combine manual captioning with automated AI translations to provide real-time captions in multiple languages.
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Streaming Studio
Video streaming studio allowing multiple speakers to stream inside an event or to other RTMP endpoints. Special features: passwordless access, mix pre-recorded and live content, ghost sharing, multi-cast, animated scenes, translations. Nothing to install: just use your browser.
Automatic captioning
Use automatic speech recognition to turn what is spoken on the stage to text captions displayed to your attendees video window.
Chat with 😇 and @mentions
Attendees, organisers and speakers can use text and emojis chat in stages, spaces and studios. They can mention each other using @ and a handy dropdown. Add in-chat translations and you have a fully-configured solution for state-of-the-art engaging chat.
Hybrid events
Support hybrid events with unified registration, direct integrations and post-event access to dedicated content.
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Dedicated support
Enjoy free pre-event support and book support engineers for the duration of the event to extend your team and gain peace of mind.
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Floating and nominal tickets
Enjoy the flexibility of floating tickets where the unique identity of the ticket holder is changeable. As opposed to the traditional, more strict, nominal tickets. Excellent for larger events.
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Ghost sharing
Use advanced techniques to control the live video or screen sharing for your speakers from the green-room. Screen-share and video-share from the green-room.
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Green room
The studio has a dedicated Green room that can be used by organisers to make sure speakers have the right tech setup before going live.
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Group Networking: the FrontRow
A 6-seat (configurable) online social bubble that allows a digital audience to behave like a live audience. Think of it like a digital couch that allows you and others to watch the same event together. Discuss, laugh, share. Never feel alone.
AI translations
The captions in the original language can be machine translated in one of the other 108 available languages and dialects.
Event Passes with Magic Links
Simplify onboarding with a one-click solution via a link send by e-mail or use in your registration flow via the API integration. Combine with floating tickets and you have a very flexible on-boarding solution for large and small events.
Built in support for translation using interpreters, no software or plugin installation required. Attendees can individually select an alternate audio track to listent to a dedicated channel.
Scalable architecture
Hypersay is built using microservices, static webpages and serverless functions so it can scale up indefinitely. Accomodate large global events with ease and peace-of-mind.
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Sign language
Support for video overlay showing a sign language interpreter. Multiple sign language interpreters for different languages are supported at the same time. Attendees choose the desired support channel.
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1080p Streaming
Stream in full HD, high quality, video at 1080p. Stereo sounds.
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RTMP Multi-cast
Stream to multiple RTMP endpoints from our own Studio. Possible scenario: you run an event on Hypersay Events but you also want to stream to YouTube Live and Facebook Live for external audiences.
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Post event content
Define content that your viewers and / or attendees can access once the event is over. Typically used to expose recorded videos to late comers.
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Export data
Export data from your session in various formats: CSV for tables, SRT for subtitles and MP4 for recorded videos.
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Organise and make your schedule visible with support for parallel tracks, speaker profiles and room assignment. Excellent for global events.
API & Zapier
Programmatically integrate with your systems (e.g. ticketing, CRM) using our HTTP APIs. Or just use Zapier to access thousands of automations.
OTP - Passwordless login
People log in using a one time code we send to their inbox. You have the peace of mind the emails are valid and there are no passwords to hack or steal.
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Add background music or ambiance sounds to set the atmosphere for your event. The attendees get in the mood even before the event starts. Use defaults or upload your own music.
Speaker profiles
Rich speakers profiles with name, photo, bio, social profiles for the registration page and live event speakers section. Order speakers using a rank.
Support for three types of sponsors: simple (logo & name), info booth (dedicated & customized page) and video booth (sponsors representatives).
Video recording
All live videos are recorded and available for download as MP4 files, post event.
Animated scenes
Customise pre-configured scenes, including animations, countdowns and camera scenes to upgrade your streaming experience.
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3rd party video
Play video from external multimedia sources, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Mixcloud, or DailyMotion.
Calendar Invite
We attach calendar invites to all the tickets so that your attendees can save it in their Google, Outlook or Apple Calendar.
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Multi-day events
Split any event in several different sessions, in the same day or even in different ones. Combine this with a smart agenda and you have a powerful way to manage larger, global events.
Multi-stage support
Have as many parallel stages as needed to support multiple tracks.
Customise UI
Customise essential UI elements such as border radius, background color or accent color to fit your branding. Support for light and dark themes included.
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Event status
Control the lifecycle of your event, from creation to archiving, using the new 6 event statuses: draft, published, suspended, live and ended.
3rd party ticketing
Use your own website or a third party such as EventBrite to manage registrations and ticket buying
Full Timezone support
We store all the event dates and times in Universal Time and we shown them in the user's timezone to avoid any confusion when the event starts.
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Organiser Team
Add members to your organising team and manage events together. This is a free feature, you can have as many members on your team at no cost.
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Real-time surveys, quizzes, polls sent to the audience during the event.
Registration page
A standalone public page that you can share with your potential attendees. It will contain information about your event, including speakers, agenda and sponsors as well as the actions necessary to purchase tickets.
RTMP is the industry standard for internet live video and is supported by all the streaming tools such as OBS, LightStream, Restream, StreamYard, XSplit, Wirecast. If you prefer your own RTMP-enabled streaming solution, you can replace the built-in Studio solution.
Scheduled content
Stream pre-recorded content in an automated way. Create the playlist and it will act like a live stream where everybody watched the same thing at the same time. Configure this alongside a live stage and you have a flexible solution for live and pre-recorded content.
Searchable attendee list
Identify attendees in the list of people allowed into your event, search and filter them.
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Adaptive streaming
Adapt individual video streams to the end viewer's particular internet bandwidth, prioritising sound over video. Ensure viewers can attend a digital event even on less-than-ideal internet connections.
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Custom event url
Personalised links to fit your event
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Dark and light themes
Individual choice from two color themes for the application
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Rich Text Editor
Add rich text descriptions within all areas of Hypersay Events where you need to post information pertaining to the event. Add images, links and embed videos.
Metrics dashboard and reports on the performance of your sessions.
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The Lobby is the page that the attendees will see immediately after they join the event. The Lobby will be a permanent feature during the entire event and attendees can return to this space to search for information about the event. Smaller event? You can disable the lobby for a simplified experience.
Upload presentations
Uploading your slides (Powerpoint, PDF or Google Slides) to start a presentation.
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Opinion scales
Use 5-step Likert scales to assess your audience opinions.
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Live open questions
Add open questions with limited length answers.
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Interactive images
Upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
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Multiple language interface
Switch from English to Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
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Waiting screen
Welcome your participants with a gamified experience even before the session starts.
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QR Code Access
Your participants can access the presentation using a QR code.
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Live slide sharing
Share slides with participants in real-time on their devices.
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Freeze answers
You can freeze answers on a specific quiz.
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Audience Q&A
Crowdsource questions from participants displayed in order of votes received
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Chat moderation
Moderate content inside chat: posts & questions.
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Participants can send claps during the presentation.
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Use a clicker to advance slides. Stay handsfree during your presentation.
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Private notes
Participants can take private notes which stay linked to specific slides.
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Gather instantaneous feedback at the end of your session.
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Phonetic codes
Share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
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Allow unregistered participants to join.
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Digital Pulse
Unique reporting and analytics feature for Hypersay Slides. Analyse how engaged your participants were during your session. Actionable session analytics.
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Quickly email your registered participants after your session.
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