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The next generation presentation tool

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The next generation presentation tool

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No more slides they’ll want to skip. Hypersay Slides allows the upload of any presentation onto the audience’s devices, to engage with the content through live quizzes, ad-hoc questions, polls and more. For next level-interactive courses, lectures, and presentations.

Live Presentations - How do they work?

Slides are great but not enough. Use Hypersay Slides to engage your audience by sharing your slides through a QR code, add interactions such as live polls and gather feedback at the end. All in one screen.

Step 1: Upload your slides

Start by uploading your slides: PDFs, PowerPoints and Google Slides are accepted. For best consistency, we recommend exporting your slides first to PDF. Once you upload your file, Hypersay Slides will analyse the slides, convert them to high-resolution images and optimise them for delivery to your attendees's devices and large screens.

Step 2: Add interactions

Once you’ve uploaded your slides, you are ready to start adding interactions. We provide templates from simple yes/no polls to complex opinion (Likert) scales to suit all your enquiring needs. Diversify by using open-ended questions, interactive images and other quirky ways to capture your audience’s attention.

Step 3: Go live!

Now you are ready to start your presentation. Use the “welcome screen” to share the secret code with your audience, see how they connect to your session and, when ready, hit the “start session button”. Show time!
We offer you fine controls such as freezing the questions and revealing the answers only when needed. Gather questions on the question wall and keep an eye on their participation levels. All from one screen.

Step 4: How did it go? See analytics

Great presentations don’t end when you leave the room! After you close the session you can immediately access session analytics. Here you can take the “digital pulse” of your participants: see how engaged they were, who lagged behind and who performed above expectations and even learn about your own time spent on specific slides. A wealth of data to improve your next sessions.
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