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2021-12-21, December product update
  • Introduce GraphCDN & caching
  • Migrate to Mercurius & tsyringe
  • Spaces now support document uploads.
  • Consolidate Redis
  • Improve GraphQL security
  • Upgrade Next Auth to v.4
  • Bug fix: auth in registration page
  • Fix issues with events ordering in dashboard
New feature
Bug fixes
2021-11-30, November product update
  • Introduce Manual Captioning support
  • Introduce Scheduled content & Pre-recorded video assets
  • Update live subtitles & translations
  • Update live player to support manual captioning
  • Fix issue on Safari in live app
  • Add agenda now / next indicators to stages
  • Update live stage notifications
  • Fix HLS on iPhone player
  • Fix issues with FrontRows, Interpreters, countdown
New feature
2021-10-31, October product update

'- Introduce Messages (mass emailing system)

  • Add chat support for mentions and emojis
  • Fix various bugs (calendar, preview, subtitles)
  • Update to Next/Auth v4
  • Update Chakra theme
New feature
Bug fixes
2021-09-30, September product update
  • Introduce Telemetry / Analytics
  • Introduce Speakers
  • Introduce Agenda
  • Clusterise graphql
New feature
Bug fixes
2021-08-31, August product update
  • Download recorded video assets
  • Download transcripts as subtitle SRT files
  • Preview video streams
  • Update homepage
  • Update dashboard UI
  • Update vercel environment
  • Make event registration page static
New feature
Bug fixes
UI update
2021-07-31, July product update
  • Introduce Event Passes with Magic Links
  • Introduce Presence real-time system
  • Introduce Interpreters system
  • Update Sponsor area UI and Sponsor pages
  • Upgrade to NextJS v11
  • Fix issue with Event Passes
New feature
2021-06-30, June product update
  • Introduce Sponsors / Exhibitors / Vendors area
  • Update list of supported languages, support multiselect
  • Support RTL languages
  • Update API support
  • Book demos from homepage
  • Update event countdown barrier
  • Update organise UI layout, add helper
  • Fix issues with EditorJS
  • Fix various bugs with Space creation
New feature
UI update
Bug fixes
2021-05-31, May product update
  • Introduce Live subtitles & Transcriptions
  • Introduce GraphCDN in development
  • Add MP4 recording for RTMP streams
  • Fix issues with soundscapes
  • Add sitemap
New feature
Bug fixes
2021-04-30, April product update
  • Introduce Spaces as Interactive Video Rooms
  • New Authentication system
  • Remake homepage UI & content
  • Responsive registration page
  • Normalise event slug creation
  • Fix issue with FrontRows, better error handling
  • Fix issue with the attendee list
  • Fix various video room bugs
  • Fix issue with polls
New feature
2021-03-31, March product update
  • Use Caravaggio for image compression
  • Use Redis caching
  • Replace Vonage with Mux for stage live streaming
  • Add FrontRow modal when joining the first time
  • Fix various FrontRow issues
  • Update Next/Auth depedency
UI update
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